Thursday, September 23, 2010

A successful audition so far

Last night I went and auditioned for Pirates, along with a couple dozen college students and 2 or 3 other folks over 30. One of them played Ko-Ko when I was Pitti-Sing several years ago; he looks a good bit younger than I am, but he was talking about how old he felt, looking at the other guys auditioning. I looked around and had to admit, most of the guys didn't look old enough to drive; there were at least two that I had a hard time believing were old enough to be in college. DB felt they looked about 10. :D

We auditioned in a cavernous church social hall built with cinderblock walls and a tile floor. Not fun to dance on - my feet are complaining today - nor a singer's favorite acoustics; you couldn't hear yourself at all, which made it very difficult to tell how you were doing. However, I must have done well enough, as I'm called back for Ruth, piratical maid of all work and nursemaid to Frederic! Callbacks are Sunday, which gives me a bit of time to refresh my memory of the part. One theater friend has said that she considers a callback a "win", as it means they saw something there they liked. At callbacks you can lose the part because they want someone thinner, fatter, darker, fairer, or who doesn't tower over the 4'11" Pirate King - things you can't control. But they liked you enough to want to see more - a good thing!

I've already told my current and 2 previous voice teachers, a few friends from my last Pirates and a few others I knew would be happy for me. I'm looking forward to Sunday and a chance to do more singing and clowning around in the G&S style. I've got my fingers crossed that the fact I know the show cold will count in my favor, given that it opens just 4 weeks from Saturday!

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