Saturday, July 26, 2014

More reasons to play in the dirt

This morning I visited the friend who used to have a small nursery
 specializing in hostas and, to a lesser extent, ferns. He sold off the nursery business a coupla years ago and now gardens just for himself. He's trying new plants in the space, some of which are "prolific reseeders". He gave me a big clump of a few - cardinal flower, Black-eyed Susan, sweet William, ajuga, and threw in a blue mouse-ear mini-hosta just because. He also gave me a big bucket of compost. He would happily have given me lilies or any of several other plants he was thinning out.  If I had the space and the right conditions, I'd've taken some, too.  I planted the ajuga in a couple of bare spots, will try to get the rest in the ground tomorrow.  I told him I need to reciprocate with dinner or something - a nursery would've charged me plenty for all the plants and the home-made compost he gave me for free.

I also picked up my iris order.  I picked up a few extra rhizomes from the bargain basket, and he asked me if I'd like a few free ones. Of course I said yes! When I get a chance to see how many I actually ended up with (he always includes more than you ordered), I'll have to work out where they'll all go.

I garden pretty haphazardly, filling spots as they open up, buying (or "adopting") plants on impulse.  It's a wonder the yard doesn't look an utter wilderness!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sometimes you find perfection in the most unexpected places.

Today it was the cafeteria at work, of all places!  Very stressful morning, trying to get too many things before leaving at lunchtime.  Dashed thru the cafeteria to get something to eat in the car; I stopped at the DIY sandwich bar. Rye bread, honey mustard, rare roast beef, lettuce and some beautifully ripe tomato - perfection!  Seems silly, but with every bite I marveled at how good it was.  Maybe it's just been too long since I've had a "proper" roast beef sandwich?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Regency project, day one

A while back I got this bee in my bonnet to make myself a Regency dress (think Jane Austen), complete with underpinnings.  I even bought patterns for two kinds of stays, though I quickly realized that would be a MUCH too ambitious project for my relatively rudimentary sewing skills.

Tonight, after a month or two spent in pondering fabrics and buying patterns, I got the chemise cut out.  The assembly looks pretty straightforward, so with luck, I'll get it sewn up tomorrow.

I ordered custom stays, but they seem to be too small in the ribcage. The maker had some diagnostic questions for me; I owe her answers.

Still to do: a petticoat (dress fabric is dotted swiss, which is on the sheer side), the dress, and a bonnet.  Yes, I'm crazy enough to try to attempt my own millinery; good thing I was able to find a pattern on Etsy.  Oh, and I need to find a pair of shoes to go with this ensemble.  I hope to find a pair of plain white ballet flats, but may have to settle for something else.

There's a historic home in our area that holds Regency- and War of 1812-themed events.  When (not if) I finish my sewing adventure, I'll have to find out when their next event is.  I'm not ready to subject myself to the scrutiny of serious reenactors - my hand sewing is not up to that challenge - but if I can pass for a decent amateur, that'll be good enough for a maiden attempt.

There's an event coming up Aug. 2nd; wonder if I could finish at least the dress, if not the bonnet, in time?

Updates to follow; costume fans, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

"Here I come to save the day!"

Last week I got a somewhat panicked email from a director I've done a few shows with.  She's directing Sound of Music, opening in mid-July, and was there any chance I could play Frau Schmidt?  After checking with the Chief that we didn't have any plans, I agreed to do it.  Then I looked at the calendar; I'd just agreed to take a role (good thing it's a small one!) in a show that opened in just TWO WEEKS! =:o

I've now had 3 whole rehearsals and am already sorta off book.  Good thing, as we tech in this Sunday.  Monday we have an open rehearsal (i.e., with a paying audience), so I really want to be off book for that.

Costume fittings tonight.  I'll be wearing a brown dress, several sizes too large, but elastic at the waist will make it work.  Brown is definitely not my color, but I don't mind. After all, I'm the housekeeper, not the lady of the house.  My sartorial compensation is that I also have a walk-on as Fräulein Schweiger in the concert scene near the end, so I get to finish the show in my authentic Austrian dirndl.