Saturday, July 02, 2016

Having a lovely long weekend so far

The Chief & I are having a lovely Fourth weekend at the cabin.  The weather is so cool that I actually put on a (light) sweater this morning - it was only about 65 degrees when I left for an early-morning grocery run.  That's at least 15 degrees cooler than usual for this time of year, and not a patch on the years when the highs were regularly in triple digits (and no a/c at the cabin!).  It's lovely - we've got the windows open and are enjoying the birdsong.

Our huge rhododendron bush is in bloom and is very popular with the eastern tiger swallowtails.  Birds also love to hang out (and hide) in it, and this year we have new visitors, who have built a nest atop the bend of a nearby downspout.  So far I've only seen a glimpse of nestling wing or head; with luck, we'll get to see an actual baby bird before we leave.  I haven't figured out yet what kind of birds they are, but I'm sure the internet will help us identify them.

At the Chief's urging, I packed up my electronic keyboard and schlepped it out here so I could practice my fingerings more than once or twice before my next piano lesson.  I was also "encouraged" to do so by the knowledge that I'll be out of town again next weekend, for the first of two family weddings this year, and won't have access to a keyboard for the 5 days I'll be gone.  I sure hope my piano teacher doesn't dock my grade for that. ;)  It's actually kind of nice practicing here.  I set the keyboard up in the upstairs bedroom, where I have a decent amount of space, plenty of light, and am right under both the ceiling fan and a window, so it doesn't get too stuffy.  I can also close the bedroom door so I don't disturb the Chief if he's trying to study (yes, he brought his exam prep materials) or watch tv.

We're having 4 friends over for dinner tonight and some neighbors over for dinner tomorrow.  In both cases we'll be grilling; we also grilled chicken for dinner last night, so the grill is definitely getting a workout this weekend.  I enjoy standing in the kitchen fixing whatever side dishes we'll be having while the aroma of mesquite or hickory floats in through the open windows.  Yummm...