Friday, September 14, 2012

No squash :(

I was all excited about having homegrown squash this summer for the first time ever - no such luck!  About 3 weeks or so ago, I noticed the stems of my squash plants were looking a bit peaked.  Then I realized they were dying from the roots up!  Turns out the pesky squash borer had invaded and trashed my plants for me.  Until that point, I'd been dreaming about planting pumpkin next year so I can grow the pumpkins I'll eventually freeze.  Now I'm not so sure; I may put in one or two plants, just to try it, but now I'll know to keep an eagle eye out for signs of infestation.


My favorite apple variety is the jonathan but they're virtually impossible to find in grocery stores anymore.  Fortunately, there's a family-run orchard near the cabin that grows a wide variety of apples, including my beloved jonathans.  We were out at the cabin last weekend and I ran over to the orchard Saturday morning.  They had only just picked the first jonathans - they were still sorting the earlier apples, and didn't even have that variety listed on the chalkboard yet.  I came home with 2 pecks - half a bushel - and the Chief and I have already gone through about half that.  I'd forgotten how much I love these, and when they've been allowed to ripen before being picked, well - ambrosia, thy name is apple!

The original plan was to make a BIG apple pie, but now it's looking more like applesauce, since that freezes well and is better for us, since I make it without sugar.  That'll be a project for the weekend; the house is gonna smell SOOOOO good!