Thursday, October 23, 2014

1930s sewing project

I'm in rehearsal for a play that takes place in the early 1930s.  In a fit of over-optimistic ambition, I told the producer I'd make my own Act I dress.  I bought pattern T3412 (costumedeeva, on eBay), started a muslin work-up, and found that the pattern is, of course, not nearly as busty as I am. :(  Last night I sent out an SOS to a pair of costume goddesses it's been my privilege to work for on one show and another.  To my delight, the goddess coming to my rescue is the one who has her own pattern line for one of the Big4!  I'll be heading over to her place Saturday morning, dragging my muslin and pattern, and the only payment she'll accept is to allow her to blog about the fitting process.  I'm excited - not only will I be guaranteed a good fit, but I get to provide material for her bog, which I've enjoyed since she started it.

Bought my dress fabric this afternoon; I hope A will approve of my choice. :)

Maybe I should play the lottery...

This afternoon I went shopping for a few cold-weather tops for a "go bag".  Went in, picked 3 to try on, bought all 3 .  I *never* get that lucky with fit and colors!  Spent a little more than I'd hoped, but I checked a box and got outta there in no time at all.