Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vignettes from a family visit

1. The Chief was teasing our 2 youngest nieces (5 1/2 and almost 7), asking if they'd like to come home with us.  The older one wasn't quite sure; her little sister declared, "I'll go pack!"

2. My godson came over to discuss some paperwork with the Chief, including a reference.  (Godson is planning to go into the Navy.)  The Chief came down kinda hard on him but J was smart enough to know why he was being so strict and appreciated it.

3. I think we managed to persuade a few more family members to come visit us at the cabin - hurray!

4. A cousin who hadn't seen me in over a year was quite vocal about my "new look".  She admitted she'd never really liked my hair long and that the new cut frames my face so much better.  Overall, in fact, she declared I look "fabulous!"  Does one ever get tired of hearing that? ;)

Thieving squirrels!

Friday night we had 5 or 6 cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine.  Yesterday morning we had none!  My first instinct is to blame the squirrels because I've actually seen the little [expletive deleted]s make off with tomatoes from neighbors' gardens.  However, raccoons, possums or who-knows-what-else could also be guilty.  Good thing we have plenty of wildlife mesh left so we can cover our poor little denuded tomato plant.  Well, okay, not denuded - the little thieves didn't touch the foliage or the pea-sized tomatoes that are still too green even for their marauding little selves - but sadly defruited.