Monday, October 31, 2011

Still not clear on the concept

I was getting worried there - we had NO trick-or-treaters for the longest time! We finally got our first bunch around 8:15! On the whole, they've been minding their manners and most had costumes. A few are obviously new at this, though. How can we tell?
  1. They yell "trick or treat!" at the closed door, then knock (probably when mom or dad tells them to).
  2. They get scared and cling to Mom or Dad when you try to give them candy.
  3. They try to walk into the house.
  4. They hold up their bucket or bag with one hand and hold out their other hand for more.
  5. They wish you "Happy Thanksgiving!" (I teased that one, maybe middle-school age, about planning ahead.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Susie Homemaker strikes again

Really went to town in the kitchen this weekend:
  • made a big pot (10 c.) of butternut squash soup, packed it up for the freezer;
  • cut & peeled 7 or 8 apples for some home-made applesauce;
  • cut up a bunch of celery and bagged it for the freezer for future use in soups;
  • baked a batch of oatmeal "granola" bars, this time with raisins (the Chief's preference) instead of the chocolate chips the recipe calls for; and
  • baked a batch of chocolate-pumpkin bars. The combination sounds weird, I know, but the pumpkin makes them so moist and chewy!
Most of this was how I spent my Sunday. That, and I fixed dinner. By then I was sick of food, but BOY did the house smell good!

"Who are you?!?"

The Chief took me to a Moroccan restaurant Saturday night for my birthday. We both enjoy Moroccan food, we got a table right next to the dance floor (do you see where this is going?) and we got to see not just one but two dancers! And the best part was that the first dancer got me up on the floor with her so I got to "play"! Got a chuckle from the audience when I stopped at one point to remove my heels, which I was wearing for the first time.

As we were getting ready to leave, I stopped by the table where the dancers were sitting to tell them how much I'd enjoyed the show. The first one, who'd gotten me up to dance, commented that I obviously knew what I was doing; "Who are you?!?" In other words, how is it you can dance like that and we've never seen you before? :D

As always, the evening had me thinking I need to get back to dancing - love the music, the "toys" (finger cymbals, veils, canes...), costumes - great excuse to wear some really over-the-top jewelry and other bling - what's not to love!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cinderella and Long Island Cheese

No, not a Disney film (or parody thereof), but two pumpkin varieties I've bought samples of for baking. Now that we have a freezer, I'll have room for the gallon or two of pumpkin I anticipate getting from these 2 rather sizable specimens of cucurbita. Pies, breads, cookies, muffins, soup - I love me some winter squash cooking!