Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Susie Homemaker strikes again

Really went to town in the kitchen this weekend:
  • made a big pot (10 c.) of butternut squash soup, packed it up for the freezer;
  • cut & peeled 7 or 8 apples for some home-made applesauce;
  • cut up a bunch of celery and bagged it for the freezer for future use in soups;
  • baked a batch of oatmeal "granola" bars, this time with raisins (the Chief's preference) instead of the chocolate chips the recipe calls for; and
  • baked a batch of chocolate-pumpkin bars. The combination sounds weird, I know, but the pumpkin makes them so moist and chewy!
Most of this was how I spent my Sunday. That, and I fixed dinner. By then I was sick of food, but BOY did the house smell good!

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