Saturday, February 15, 2014

First Sitz as a principal

Today was the Sitzprobe (first musical run-thru with the orchestra), my first as a principal with this company.  First time I've sung with an orchestra.   It was a little intimidating at first, and a lot of work to make sure I could be heard.  However, I think this is gonna be fun, especially once we have our set, costumes and - best of all - an audience. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's almost here!

Tech week, that is.  Saturday is the Sitzprobe w/ the orchestra and Sunday is load-in, with the cue-to-cue that evening.  Tech week!  When the theater magic happens!  I'm practically bouncing in my seat as I type, looking forward to seeing all the costumes (mine is navy) and the set, seeing how much luck I have projecting to the back row in my low register, finally being able to set spacing because we'll have the actual doors, "houses" and so forth.  There'll also be a "green room sweatshop", so I'll take my sewing machine to the theater along with the rest of my gear come Sunday.

I've always loved tech week, but for some reason I'm particularly excited about this one.  Maybe because this is my first role with this company?  Maybe because I'm psyched about the set & costumes?  Doesn't matter; gonna be fun.  Even better is the fact that I was able to take the week off work, so I'll be able to sleep in after getting to bed late after rehearsal every night.

TW is getting involved too.  He's already been out to the scene bay twice to help with the set and plans to help with load-in Sunday morning.  He's also planning to usher the last performance, then stay to help with strike.  What a great guy!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

What a sweetheart!

The woman who has done hair & make-up for the company for several years came to rehearsal today to meet those of us new to the company.  She's seen me do many a show with this group, always in the ensemble (once or twice as a featured ensemble member).  She came up to me after my first featured number and kept repeating how "tickled" she was to see me in a lead.  She thought I was doing well, sounded good, but what really amazed me was that she actually had tears in her eyes, she was so happy for me!  What a sweetie!

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that, when she does your make-up, she "signs" her work with a kiss on your forehead. :)

Getting excited

We load in 2 weeks from today.  We started running the show at rehearsal (as opposed to running certain chunks) a week ago, which is always fun (if a little scary at first).  Today our producer/costume brought the first few costumes for fittings.  Some wonderful fabrics there - this show is gonna look beautiful!  Our director didn't have all that many notes for us after rehearsal, and those were mostly fine-tuning.  TW helped work on the set yesterday and told me it's essentially built except for the painting.

Things are shaping up nicely - getting exciting! :)