Thursday, January 20, 2011

So many recipes, so little time.

Actually took a good, long look at the latest issue of Cook's Country magazine the other day. Definitely plan to try their pot roast recipe as soon as they explain what "espresso powder" is. There are several other recipes I'd like to try too, not to mention the Christmas cookie recipes in the last issue - wonder if they'd ship well?

We've enjoyed both Cook's Country and Cook's Illustrated - they evaluate cooking equipment, ingredients and tools a la Consumer Reports, explain cuts of meat or types of flour, and even explain the chemistry of cooking and why a given ingredient can hurt or help a recipe. Their Thanksgiving issue is definitely a keeper - steps you through all the stages of assembling a traditional turkey dinner, warning how to avoid common pitfalls and suggesting variations or alternatives to traditional dishes.

We're only going to keep Cook's Country - Cook's Illustrated is more technical - which is still more than I can keep up with, but I can dream, right?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Good riddance, 2010!

No, it wasn't a total disaster, but 2010 was definitely one of the 2 worst years of my life:
  • major respiratory problems for most of February through April
  • that blasted double blizzard that dumped 3 feet of snow on us in early February
  • the Chief's mom diagnosed w/ terminal cancer in early February
  • my mom suddenly dying of cancer later in February (we're betting she'd known for months it was back)
  • Chief's cousin learned her cancer was back for a 3rd round
  • KL's husband dropped dead of a heart attack at only 42 years old in July
  • Mom's brother died of cancer (are you seeing a pattern here?) in August
  • the Chief's mom's cancer killed her in December
Not to mention all the trials friends of ours were up against (another cousin of the Chief's was widowed, one friend lost several loved ones, another friend's dad nearly died of heart problems, a family friend suffered a stroke, a neighbor came down w/ pneumonia and didn't get out of the hospital for over 2 months...).

I haven't been this glad to see a year end over 20 years (child died, marriage followed)!