Monday, August 27, 2012

"What happened to your hair?!?"

I was among the army of volunteers working a post-funeral luncheon at church the other day.  One of the attendees came up to me during a lull to get a refill and asked "What happened to your hair?"  Turns out she used to attend the mass my choir sings at until the schedule changed last year, shortly before I cut my hair.  She recognized me, but was more familiar with me with long hair.  We had a nice chat about types & lengths of hair and how I've learned about the "Curly Girl movement" and am embracing the curl. ;)  But what a funny way to trade introductions with a fellow parishioner! :D

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I finally got around to filling the hummingbird feeder at the house last week, then watched impatiently for the hummingbirds to find the new restaurant in town.  Maybe they've just been coming by when I wasn't looking, but I finally spotted some tonight!  I saw 2 tiny little emerald jewels with blurs for wings (or maybe it was the same hummingbird, coming back for seconds) and a rather dowdy little thing with great aerobatic skills.  The feeder's quite full, so I'm hoping to see quite a few of these before they drain the feeder and I have to boil up some more sugar water for them.

Squash in our future?

The squash plants are coming along very nicely, even if they are threatening to take over the front yard.  Some days it seems we can actually see how much they've grown since the day before!  We've now got several squash blossoms.  If even half of those turn into squash we get to harvest, we'll have lots of squash for ourselves and maybe even enough to share with neighbors.

The squash was originally intended as a placeholder until we could plant a peony in that spot come fall, but if this little experiment works out, we may end up designating that the squash spot.  I'm already considering planting pumpkin there next year so I'll have my own to cook and freeze for baking.  And given how much the Chief loves the cranberry-pumpkin bar recipe I found, we go through a LOT of pumpkin now!