Monday, June 16, 2014

Audition update

So, that "lovefest" audition.  I got a very lovely response with a lot of positive feedback.  I shared it with my voice teacher and with a friend (himself a voice teacher and performer). All of us were very impressed with how much feedback they gave me - not just "nice voice but not what we're looking for".  And to think they did something like that for every single one of the people they didn't cast!

I also auditioned for a production of The Wedding Singer.  I've auditioned for this company before and gotten nuttin'.  I'm guessing it's because a) I can't belt (yet) and b) I'm over 50.  Got the "thanks but no" call last night.  Not a surprise.  Not only did I go into it expecting not to be cast, but I crashed & burned on the dance audition.  The chunk they tried to teach us was complicated and FAST!  I remembered the beginning, the end, and the occasional scraps scattered thru the middle.  "Good for my humility," as a college roommate of mine used to say.

 Now I'm focusing on a sewing project, then it's back to hunting up auditions for fall shows.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Made a sale

I managed to make one sale.  The last customer was discussing her purchase with another vendor - what sorts of things would go with her new bra-belt set.  I brought over one of my skirt sets, which just happened to include a skirt in one of her favorite colors.  Sold!  I really would have preferred to sell more, of course, but at least I made one sale, and that one enough to cover my vendor's fee with a little bit of profit.  It was a nail-biter, though; I had already started packing up my items.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Trying not to get discouraged

I brought a suitcase full of stuff to my first bellydance swap meet, full of hope that I'd come home with an empty (or nearly so) suitcase.  An hour and a half into the 3- hour event, I've sold exactly nothing.  Not the bargain-basement-priced beaded costumes, not the skirt sets, not even the dirt-cheap fabric remnants!  I need to sell something just to recoup the cost of my table rental; I'd really rather not go home with everything I bought and have spent the vendor fee (and my time and gas) for nothing. :(

But there's still an good hour to go - maybe someone will arrive who's the perfect size and coloring for one (or both) of the costumes, or for whom one of the skirt sets will be perfect.  I can dream...