Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some days ya just can't win

Woke up w/ a migraine (actually, it was probably gearing up last night around bedtime); meds and caffeine took care of it after an hour or two, but then it came back this afternoon, requiring more meds and caffeine. My stomach didn't love that.

Today's pollen count is close to 800 for trees. Wouldn't ya know, the Allegra refill I ordered last week still hasn't arrived, and I took the last one Saturday night. I got a 3-day stopgap supply Monday, but finished that off this morning, so I had to make yet another trip to the pharmacy, this time for a 2-week supply. That refill had better show up soon!

Between allergies and migraines taking all my energy and wind, I was forced to punt choir practice. Not fun; because of all that traveling, tonight's would have been the first practice I'd managed to make since, oh, November or so. I had to cancel this week's voice lesson, too. As a result, I'm going thru some major singing withdrawal; sure hope the pollen count is low enough by Sunday that I can sing rather than croak.

Thank God I'm married to a wonderful husband; I called him this afternoon while waiting for the meds to work on the 2nd migraine and asked him to put the turkey (parts, not a whole birtd) in the oven when he got home. When I got home from work and he saw the state I was in, he didn't just put the turkey in the oven, he fixed the whole dinner.

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