Sunday, January 17, 2010

Full day tomorrow, and it just gets more so...

We've known for a few days that we'd have the plumber & electrician as well as our contractor tomorrow. Among other things, the plumber will take a look at the pipes under the wall-mounted sink to see whether he can rerun them so they're close enough together to accommodate a pedestal sink. The electrician will be putting in the electrical box for the new lights (we're adding an overhead light in the shower and a heat lamp in the ceiling), moving the box for the lights over the medicine cabinet, running additional wiring for the new lights, and repositioning the switches for it all. The contractor will be taking the Chief along to get drywall and cement backer board for the new tile to go into the shower.

My contribution to all this will be to go back to the tile place to get dimensions on the one tile for which we don't have any (Johnson Tile, why don't you have that info on your website? tsk tsk tsk), and see about getting samples of everything so the tiler will understand what we want. Yes, I could sketch it out on a piece of paper, but the Chief wants samples, so samples I'll get.

I also need to take my digital camera in to the camera doc. It's definitely not a battery problem - no matter what I do, I get nothing but a black screen and a few of the function icons when I turn it on. In the meantime, I have way too many pictures trapped in there. At least I got the Williamsburg and Yorkshire pictures transferred to the computer before my camera quit, but the Locks of Love Before & After pics? Trapped in the camera.

Going shopping with my "design consultant" sometime tomorrow. We had a good session today, as she went through my closet to see what we could use, what wardrobe gaps most need filling, and on and on.

I would like to swing by and help paint the Grand Duke set, but the scene bay is nowhere near any of these other errands (in fact, none of them are close to any of the others), so I might not manage that one.

I also need to sit down and total my mileage for rehearsals, performances and other deductible driving, as the Chief has already started to work on our tax return. The energy credit on the new windows will help our refund more than I'd expected, and we had rather more deductions than usual in 2009, so the Chief wants to get that return in asap. Every penny of that refund is going toward the remodeling, so the sooner we get it, the better.

Oh, and I have rehearsal tomorrow night. Neither of us remembered until this evening to pull something out of the freezer for tomorrow, so it'll be a diner night. At least the diner is en route to rehearsal.

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