Friday, March 27, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane?

The Chief decided back in December, prompted by watching a few travel shows, that we should take a December vacation to England this year, whereupon we immediately started saving our pennies. Tonight I've spent nearly 3 hours looking into airfares, lodging, etc. The exchange rate is surprisingly low right now - only about $1.45 or $1.50 to the pound. We can only hope that's where it is come December.

Yes, I know perfectly well that all those stunningly photogenic gardens, fields, etc, won' t be nearly as photogenic in December. Still, after looking at all those pictures, I'm psyched about this. Even if it's gray and rainy the whole time, we'll be looking at different architecture, listening to foreign accents, exploring the historic sites and needing all day to walk off our English breakfasts. (Broiled tomatoes and mushrooms - yum!)

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