Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Night off during Tech Week!

Having a night off during Tech Week is a wonderful thing, but the reason we have tonight off isn't so nice. We're getting a storm that dropped an inch or two of snow before switching over to sleet, or freezing rain, or some other version of ice. Worse, the low pressure system that brought this "lovely" storm also sent me home from work early w/ a killer migraine. Not the worst I've had, not by a long shot, but bad enough that I took a 2nd imitrex when I got home and still had some lingering pain and nausea after a 3-hour nap.

Now that I'm feeling almost human, I plan to spend the next couple of hours hemming my costume skirt, going over my notes from the past 2 nights to remind myself of the blocking adjustments, do a "run sheet" (notes to self about cues, entrances, any tricky blocking, props I need to have, etc.), and relish the fact that it's within my power to be in bed w/ the lights out by 10 p.m. during Tech Week! This is particularly important because tomorrow's rehearsal will probably run even later than last night's (we ran until 11). We haven't had a run on the set yet, so I'm sure the director's a bit nervous about that; I certainly would be! However, we did have 2 very productive nights; got through all the 160-odd tech cues at last night's cue-to-cue and fixed nearly all the spacing issues.

It remains to be seen whether I'll have to go in to work tomorrow, but I still get to sleep in until 7. I had already planned to go in late and go to the theater from there. This is the first time in a few years that I've actually gone in to work during Tech Week instead of taking the whole week off. After not getting to bed until 1 this morning and then getting up at 7, I'm reminded why taking off during Tech Week is such a great idea, and not only because I have so much time to do costume repairs, run errands, and get my make-up kit in order! However, with another show running in May and perhaps a 3rd in June, on top of wanting to take 3 weeks off when TW gets back from deployment, I really do need to hoard my leave for the time being. Hence, I'm only taking off this Thursday & Friday, and next Tuesday so I can make a quick run out to the cabin to check on the place.

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