Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, s**t!

I just learned, less than 24 hours before my audition tomorrow for that "concept Carmen", that the company wants people to sing one piece in French or Spanish in addition to a contrasting piece in English or Italian! =:0 This may be standard practice for opera auditions; I have no clue, having heretofore only done operettas and musicals. So now I find myself rummaging through every scrap of music I have in the house, hoping to find something familiar in French that contrasts with what I had planned to sing tomorrow night. Thank goodness I already know French and am comfortable singing in it (thanks in no small part to a very solid French education 'way back in high school), but to go in with a piece I've never worked on? Yikes!

And I know at least 2 mezzos will be auditioning who can sing rings around me; one was Buttercup when I was in the chorus of Pinafore a few years ago, the other sang Jane (the role I was also called back for) in the Patience I just did in November. I doubt either of them has the dance resume I do, but I'm inclined to think they're going to be more interested in casting a singer than a dancer. Not to mention someone who can actually make most of their February rehearsals.

Right now I'm debating whether to make a panicked call to my voice teacher to see if she can squeeze me in for an emergency lesson tomorrow. I was already starting to get a bit nervous about this; I didn't need any more pressure!

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