Thursday, January 11, 2007


Observation: going to a funeral the same day I have an audition is probably not a great idea, but I can hardly ask either party to rearrange their schedule to suit me, now can I? A friend buried her mother this morning. My daughter would have been 20 a few weeks ago; for some reason her anniversaries were harder this year, so attending this funeral just brought all that back. And for some reason this time I find myself fearing that TW won't come back from his deployment. I didn't have this problem the last 2 times; no idea why this time is different.

But I'll look smashing tonight! Found a rich red knit skirt with a matching mock-turtleneck top. Add a striking gold necklace TW brought back from Kuwait, "Gulf gold" earrings, and an embroidered shawl on my hips, and I'll look elegant but definitely ready to do Carmen!

Starting to get nervous now that it's time to start getting ready - wish me luck!

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