Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More auditions and a scorecard update

And they're coming thick and fast, too - just learned this afternoon of one a week from tomorrow! Lots of reasons I want to try for it, even if I'm knocked out of consideration because it opens a mere week after Ruddigore closes:
  • It's a concept production based on Bizet's Carmen; this may be as close as I'll ever get to doing that opera.
  • The tenor who played Grosvenor in my recent "Patience" is singing Don Jose. (How do I get diacritics, BTW?) Lovely voice and intelligent performer; it'd be a pleasure and an education to do another show with him.
  • The choreographer is with the local semi-pro Spanish dance company. If there's dancing, I wanna play!
  • This group does a lot of innovative, concept productions which usually get good reviews. I'd learn a lot if I could get a chance to work with them.
After that one, I get about 10 days to cram in another voice lesson or two, then comes the pack o' auditions:
- Bye Bye, Birdie the 21st (3 possible roles)
- Thoroughly Modern Millie the 23rd (1 possible role)
- Sweeney Todd the 24th (1 long shot; I might not go for this one, especially as Birdie callbacks are that night - I can dream!)
- Condensed Mikado (1 or 2 roles) and Merry Widow (3 possible roles) the 28th
Oh, and I've got rehearsals that week, too - whole lotta singin' goin' on that week!

2006-07 season scorecard as of Dec 10th:
- 6 auditions
- 3 callbacks (including one for a lead I hadn't considered)
- 2 chorus roles
We'll see how this looks come the end of the month...

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blueblanket said...

Good for you doing Ruddigore! It's a great show -- honestly -- one of G&S's best. I was Margaret last year -- it was amazing! The chorus work is fabulous too. We're doing Iolanthe this year. Can't wait!