Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Voice lesson in which all I did was talk

I came down w/ a cold over the weekend so a voice lesson seemed a bit pointless today.  However, given that I want to start preparing soonest for my School of Music audition, I didn't want to lose a week, so my teacher & I ended up doing a Skype lesson.  Saved me an extended drive in rush-hour traffic, and she didn't have to be exposed to my germs in the run-up to Easter.  I told her what I'd learned about the Music program yesterday, and we discussed possible audition pieces.  She gave me the name of a studio where I can get my audition recorded so I can call about pricing, and also the names of two recent students who used the same accompanist for their auditions.  I'm hoping one or both will respond shortly with contact info so I can find out what he charges and get a rough idea of when he'd be available. (My own availability will depend on my class schedule this fall, which I obviously won't know until late August.)

Current goals for the audition:
- learn and polish 4 audition pieces: 2 for the video audition, and 2 to have available for the live audition;
- between now and fall, work on 2 or 3 songs from the 26 Italian Art Songs book to add to the "significant solo repertoire" list I'm supposed to submit with my SOM application
- keep reminding myself that the other applicants are high school students, who haven't been taking voice or performing as long as I have. Heck, they weren't even alive when I started this stuff! :D

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