Friday, March 27, 2015

Tryng to get the Regency project back on track

Someone on Facebook posted a link to a blog post giving a checklist for a complete Regency outfit.  I commented on FB that I'd love to put such an outfit together but needed a set of long stays.  The costumer for Daddy's Dyin' sawmy comment and shot her hand up, saying she'd love to try it.  She admits she's never made stays but if I'm willing to "tolerate [her] learning curve", she'll be happy to have a go.  Tomorrow I'll probably go over to her house w/ my pattern & busk and let her take a first batch of measurements.  I have no clue how long this will take - she wants to make a first draft in muslin while she learns the techniques - but maybe I'll have stays that actually fit me by Christmas.  I can finish the chemise while J is making the stays.  Once I have the stays, I'll be able to start on the dress.

This project is taking a whole lot longer than anticipated, but finding someone willing to make those stays was probably my biggest hurdle.  Done!

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