Friday, May 09, 2008

Catching up

Pirates is getting closer to opening so of course I'm getting busier.

TW ended up not teching that show after all. He felt he hadn't gotten enough time with the equipment to be comfortable with it, and didn't get to go through a full run doing the cues, so rather than mess things up for the cast, he decided it would be better if he just withdrew.

I volunteered my connections to find out what another company (with which I've done lots of shows and for which I've helped with costuming) would charge to rent us Pirates costumes, and even measured the entire cast Monday night in anticipation of a costumer. Guess what - I'm it! It was decided that the rental rates are cheap enough that we're going to costume the whole show that way, and I'm now responsible to for getting everybody rigged out. Tomorrow I'm off to the renting company's scene/costume bay to rummage through their closets and try to find enough things in reasonable sizes for everyone. Good thing it's a small cast! My biggest concern is dressing MG Stanley's wards - the company needs all their bustle dresses for their own production, so I'll have to see what that leaves.

We got a choreographer Wednesday night (we open two weeks from tonight - yike!), who'll be working things up for us this weekend. Next week's gonna be a busy one, as we try to learn what she has for us and I have people try things on when they aren't dancing.

Back to TW's dentist this afternoon. Finally got my teeth cleaned, but probably should have waited. The pollen count has been at toxic levels the past week or so and sneezing fits have had my jaw in spasm. Trying to open my mouth so the hygienist could pick, scrape and spritz my teeth has my jaw aching. Oh, and the next doc to be added to the list will be an oral surgeon once I can find one who deals w/ TMD.

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