Monday, November 09, 2015

"Today, class, we assemble furniture."

For today's Technical Theater class, we spent our time in the theater scene shop assembling Swedish flat-pack furniture (5 chairs and a bar stool) for the Odd Couple set.  Our instructor then had me help him start building the bar for the set.  I'll probably put in a shop hour or two tomorrow working on the same project or similar, as I still need to put in 10 more shop hours for the semester.  The pace is picking up as Opening Night gets closer; soon we'll start painting the set.

The director gave me and the props mistress "large print" copies of the script.  (We're both in her Script Analysis class.)  I've already taken the loose pages, drilled holes in them, and put the script into a binder so I can mark it up at Thursday's "paper tech" rehearsal (marking where light & sound cues happen).

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