Sunday, November 01, 2015

Costume party!

The Chief & I didn't hand out candy last night because we had an invitation to a costume party.  He was less than thrilled about getting dressed up - that's my thing, not his - but agreed to wear a few pieces that came together as a pirate costume.  He liked it better when I was able to give him a facial scar (collodion is great stuff for that!).  It was a rush job, done before dinner on the night, but not bad, considering.

My costume was vaguer.  I've got this royal-blue dress which I augmented with a bling-y necklace, a water-color-y scarf with fringed ends that I tied around my head, and a skirt made of tulle strips knotted onto another length of tulle.  I also took some blue, teal & purple eyeshadow and painted swirls on my face and neck.  (Wasn't the greatest make-up job in the world, but I was in a hurry.)  Guesses included the Blue Fairy and Tinkerbell.

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