Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy weekend

I couldn't accompany TW to the cabin this weekend because I have rehearsals both today & tomorrow. Instead, I'm seeing a couple of shows he wasn't interested in.

Musical of Musicals: The Musical was a lot of fun, even funnier than I'd anticipated, and well done. It's funny how doing theater has skewed my perspective, though - I found myself considering the various numbers' potential as audition pieces, then dismissing them because almost all the women's stuff seemed to be written for soprano, which I'm not, except for the couple of "belt" numbers, and I can't belt. It's all about me, after all! :D

Tonight, friends and I are seeing Orpheus in the Underworld, in English. We've been invited backstage afterwards by the lead tenor. That's pretty unusual - audience members are not supposed to go backstage! - so I hope no one sics Security on us. However, having teched in that theater, I know exactly how to get to the dressing rooms. If we look like we know where we're going, maybe they'll just point us toward our friend and leave us alone.

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