Thursday, July 06, 2006

Making progress

I've been taking voice lessons for several years now, even counting the gaps every August for my voice teacher's family vacations, other gaps for illness, work emergencies, etc. I usually tape my lesson, then listen to the tape in the car on my way home. (I decided a while back not to tape the vocalizing; I'm not a masochist!) For the longest time, this was truly an exercise in humility; it was at least a year before I would hear parts I didn't hate, and at least another year before I started actually liking the odd note or phrase. Today as I was listening, I realized that I liked (or at least didn't cringe at) everything on the tape! I expect it will be a while before that happens consistently - asthma is great for screwing up vocal production - but I'm excited that all the time and money are paying off!

Even better, we've spent my last few lessons working on helping me find my "belt" voice (think Liza Minelli or Ethel Merman) and today's tape tells me I'm getting there. This is brand new, so I still have to remember the particular techniques for my "belt", but as long as I do, the sound is consistent - yee-ha! Power's never been a problem for me, just controlling the sound so it's listenable. My upper range can still be shrill or strained if I let my technique slip, but the lower range, always reliable, is now becoming strong and solid. This is exciting!

Now I'm really getting psyched to start auditioning for the fall season, if only to show off my "new" voice. :)

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