Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm gonna wash sawdust right outta my hair...

Worked on the Thebes set for a bit this afternoon. We learned the hard way that the theater's circular saw produced more smoke & noise than sawdust; we stopped pretty quickly when it started sparking! I called the Chief to see if he'd be willing to bring his; he brought two (one was a battery-powered mini circular saw) and stayed to work on the set with us. The director and I held plywood while the Chief plied the saw; hence the sawdust in my hair. And in my clothes, face, shoes... We got a lot done, too - all the platforms are now built and were getting a base coat when the Chief & I left for dinner.

Starting tomorrow night, a good two weeks before we start Tech Week, we'll be able to rehearse on the actual platforms, so we'll have plenty of time to work out timing and spacing. Next weekend's set work will probably finish the back wall, including the doorway, so we'll get plenty of rehearsal with the actual entrances too. I'm excited - it's very rare in community theater to get so much time on the set before opening night; the more we get to rehearse on the actual set, the better we'll be when we open.

In other theater-related news, I did a (very) little thrift shopping yesterday for a blouse for Eurydice; the first blouse I tried on worked! Got director approval this afternoon, so that's taken care of. I stopped by Joann's on the way to the theater to get fabric for an underskirt (I'm wearing a thin cotton skirt which is a little thin and needs something under it both for modesty when backlit and to give the skirt some body and flow). I found some nice "peachskin" lining fabric that's just heavy and drapey enough for the purpose, won't catch on the cotton and - best of all - was 50% off! Seems I chose a day when Joann's was having a big, fat spring sale - no wonder the lines were so long! I won't have a chance to cut out the underskirt until Wednesday at the earliest, but I now have everything I need. This will probably be next weekend's project.

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