Saturday, February 05, 2011

Back in the audition saddle again

Last week I auditioned for a production of The Cocktail Hour. I knew going in that it was a longshot - only 2 women's roles, and with one of those a woman in her 40s and the other that woman's mom, I was not at all surprised to see plenty of us vying for those 2 roles. I don't think I read badly, but so many of the others read well that I knew when I left that I wouldn't be cast.

This afternoon I had an audition for The Burial at Thebes, one of these "cheery" little plays in which nearly all the play's characters end up dead at the end. Having attended a funeral earlier in the day, I arrived at the theater in my black suit, which seemed suited to the subject matter. (Doubt is currently running there and the director told me my "attire" fit right in with the set.) While I thought some of the other women read very well indeed, I thought I read reasonably well, and I had easily the biggest voice there (a couple of the other, very strong women were a bit hard to hear at times). I was pleased to learn that I made callbacks, but frustrated by the fact that I've got a rehearsal that night. I've never run into this before; wonder how it'll work out?

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