Thursday, September 21, 2006

Round One

Mom had her first round of chemo this week - 6 hours of Rytuxan (sp?) on Tuesday and 2 hours of assorted other meds on Wednesday. She told us last night that, aside from the expected fatigue, and a split second of nausea yesterday, she's had essentially no side effects! This is good news indeed! Next round is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 10-11, but she meets w/ the radiology oncologist tomorrow and what she learns then may change the chemo schedule.

The insurance company will reimburse for a wig once Mom's hair starts falling out, but only with a doctor's chit, which apparently (I'm getting this information 3rd hand) must be written for a "cranial prosthesis"! And you thought the government was bad about coming up with unnecessarily long, elaborate terms!

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