Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sing-in, sing-thru, QWERTY, whatever

I've just read about another sing-in, this one in Connecticut, at which a flock of G&S fans and not-yet-fans got together to sing through a few G&S shows. I keep seeing notices of these on Savoynet (, a G&S listserve, and seeing the write-ups after the fact. I've been to two so far, one in England and one in the States, and had a grand time at both. Judging from the write-ups I keep seeing, that's definitely the rule, not the exception. Makes me jealous; I wanna play too! Scheduling's tricky, though - hubby isn't a singer, so he wouldn't enjoy being dragged to one of these. He wouldn't mind if I were to go, but I'd feel bad about running out on my poor theater widower very often.

Last year I broke down and bought myself an electronic keyboard (no, I don't play a note), mostly so I can attempt to plunk out parts when trying to learn new music, but also against the day I get around to hosting one of these events myself. Not only would I be able to attend one of these without "abandoning" my husband, but there's another benefit: one sure way to get a chance to sing roles I've had my eye on is to do my own casting! :D


Ayessare said...

Announce it and they will come...but I'd suggest NOT doing one in the too-immediate future. In addition to the Ct. one that just finished, there are events scheduled for Western Massachusetts and Orlando within the next month or so, tentatively in NYC for July when one of the prominent Brits visits, and one in Nantucket in early September. Embarrassment of riches--while I've been attending virtually all of them since 2000, I'm skipping MA and FL; just too many in close succession. Shoot for spring of 2006 and announce it by October; you'll get the response!--ASR

Jonathan said...

I love these events. Sorry I missed the latest.

Maureen said...

I don't anticipate doing anything before fall at the very earliest, and perhaps not until next spring. All depends on what shows I end up doing (my poor husband must get tired of my scheduling things around shows the auditions for which are still months away!).