Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More costume concerns

One of the reasons I enjoy theater is the costumes - who says you have to quit playing dress-up when you grow up? I've worn skirts on paniers, bustle dresses, a Marie Antoinette-style wig, various ruffles and flourishes, assorted vegetation, even a tear-away nun's habit.

For Mikado, of course, I'll be wearing a kimono and wig in addition to the geta and tabi you're probably sick of hearing about by now. Last night I learned of a little twist to the costume. We were blocking a scene which involves 3 of us throwing ourselves at the feet of the Mikado and begging for mercy. As I was trying to get down on my knees in a hurry without losing my geta, the costumer piped up, "Those of you on that side of the stage will have to be careful not to step on her train." Up pops my head as I say, "Train?!?" I was already worrying about dropping to my knees without sending my wig flying or losing my geta (the other 2 folks get to wear their own hair, and they don't have to cope with wooden sandals); I gotta worry about a train too? =:o

I've worn dresses with trains (de rigueur for 19th-century operettas), but for those shows all I had to do was climb stairs and dance, and I was wearing character shoes which, while not very comfortable, at least stayed on my feet with no effort required on my part. I didn't have to throw myself on the floor and hope I didn't send any costume bits and pieces flying!

Silly me - I thought all I'd have to worry about with my first lead was learning my lines and music. I never expected I'd also have to learn how to walk and fling myself about without clobbering someone in the front row with a wooden sandal!

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