Monday, April 11, 2005

Anyone got a winning lottery ticket?

Ayiyi! First it was replacing the windows; not a problem, we'd planned for that. Then last week the plumber, after charging $600+ to take care of several things, especially a cracked stackpipe (the one that carries all the waste out of the house - you definitely want one that's intact!), told us that the pipe that continues out to the sewer lines is in similarly rotten shape - literally. He fed a fiberoptic camera down the pipe and let me watch on the monitor. Let's just say I'm glad it was in black and white. That repair, involving breaking up part of the basement floor and digging up about a 40' stretch of the yard, is gonna have a breathtaking price tag - almost enough for a decent down payment on a house!

Today was the piece de resistance - hubby came home from the dentist with the news he needs over $2000 worth of dental work! Now I understand why my sister refers to her crown as a tiara - that's about how much they charge for those things!

So, as I said - anyone have a winning lottery ticket they're willing to share?

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Leta said...

Expense to fix things always seem to know when I have unallocated money and move in to claim it. My sympathies...