Monday, August 15, 2016

No summer class after all :(

I was all psyched up to take Hair & Wigs for the Stage this month - ordered my book the same day I signed up for the class, so I had it in hand weeks ahead of time.  Then, a few days before the first day of class, I got an email telling me the class was canceled for insufficient enrollment.  Waaah!

At the Chief's suggestion, I reached out to the instructor about similar classes elsewhere, or intern/apprentice opportunities.  She was very gracious, noting that she freelances and therefore can't make any promises, but would keep me in mind for future shows.  She let me know that most professionals start out with a cosmetology license.  Turns out that's rather expensive training - $15K-$17K for 12-15 months of school.  The instructor said the university plans to offer the class again (hopefully with more notice, instead of waiting until June to set it up), so I'll won't be signing up for cosmetology school anytime soon.

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