Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big plans for the weekend

Now that Thebes has closed and my weekends are my own again, I've got big plans for this weekend:
  • First of all, I'm making the long weekend even longer - I'm taking Friday & Tuesday off work.
  • Friday I plan to hit an outlet mall to replace the summer sandals that gave up the ghost last year, and maybe find a dress to wear for my voice teacher's studio recital next weekend.
  • We're getting a new storm door installed at the cabin. This one will have a full-door screen for more ventilation; I'm looking forward to sitting in "my" chair and enjoying the additional breezes.
  • The Chief & I will go window shopping, as in shopping for windows to replace the contractor-grade junk in the bedroom.
  • I'm getting a massage! Maybe J can work her magic on my arthritic shoulder and get it to leave me alone.
  • The Chief & I will probably hit the gym at least once or twice over the weekend, maybe more.
  • I need to visit our nurseryman to pick up some ferns and hellebores, maybe a few other shade-loving plants.
  • Tuesday I've got an appointment for a consultation w/ a hairdresser to decide what to do with my hair. After wearing it long and straight for 25+ years, I'm overdue for a change (and Locks of Love will get another donation).
Now to draft the list of "provisions" for the Chief to take to the cabin this weekend...

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