Sunday, September 21, 2008

More proof that I married a good one

We were in Williamsburg this weekend w/ my folks (who are there for a week in a time share). Saturday we went to Colonial Williamsburg and got a wheelchair for Dad, whose balance is still just iffy enough and whose leg is just unreliable enough that we didn't want to take any chances with the uneven surfaces and all the walking. Dad's new shoulder is still recovering and is still under doctor's orders not even to consider trying to wheel himself lest he tear something. My huge-hearted husband did the bulk of the chair pushing - if Mom tried to "get behind the wheel", TW would politely but firmly take over. He didn't get to see much as a result, and had to coax that chair over brick sidewalks and up and down hills (fortunately neither too long nor too steep). He did this with nary a word of complaint, though Mom did manage to get in some time "behind the wheel", and he didn't protest when I "drove" Dad from our last stop back to the shuttle. Poor guy - he slept long and well last night but is still tired today.

He & I will definitely be going back on our own sometime in the next year so he can actually go in and see all the exhibits he's interested in, not just one or two.

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