Thursday, September 25, 2008

Having fun already

I collected my sister from the airport yesterday afternoon and she immediately started catching me up on things in her family - much to tell! We fed her a nice dinner, using the fancy china, crystal & sterling, though we warned her that "after tonight, it's back to the everyday stuff." We regaled her with stories of our Williamsburg weekend, we laughed at the kid stories she told, and she & I stayed up to watch a movie while TW went to bed. (After all, he had to work today.) We only managed half the movie before sending our tired selves to bed, but we still have the rest of the movie to look forward to.

One of the things that will make this a lot of fun is that, like me, she likes to quote appropriate song lyrics, and since we know a lot of the same songs, well, pity my poor husband! :D

Right now we're enjoying the process of deciding what sightseeing is best for a completely overcast, threatening-rain day...

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