Sunday, September 14, 2008

Housework; sigh

Spent the day doing the domestic diva thing, mostly laundry - seven loads, including the bedding off both beds (2 duvet covers and 1 blanket included), all the bath and dish towels, and even the tub mat, shower curtain and liner from one bathroom. Almost none of this stuff is folded yet, but at least it's all clean, not to mention that the shower curtain is ironed (it's cotton - I had to iron it) and back in place, clean sheets on our bed, clean towels in the bathroom, and so on. I also made a huge bowl of salad and "containerized" it for lunches for the next coupla days so we can have healthy lunches that don't cost money better spent on costumes or power tools. ;-)

I'm tired & achy from make so many trips down to the basement, but feeling virtuous. (Now to get all this laundry folded and off the sorting table, um, living room couch...)

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