Sunday, April 01, 2007

A nice dilemma

Hmm, what to fix, what to fix? I'll be joining friends for Easter dinner and am supposed to bring a dessert to go with the coconut cake someone else is baking. I submitted a lengthy list of "candidates", which the hostess narrowed down to three: apple cake, carrot cake or rum cream pie. There'll only be 7 or 10 of us around the table (one family of 3 may or may not attend depending on the health of fragile parents) so I don't need to make a big dessert.

I have a fleur-de-lis cake mold and a mini-Bundt mold; I might make a dozen minis instead of a single full-size cake. But that would mean washing & re-prepping the pan between batches, not to mention that one recipe makes one full-size cake (12 slices) but only 9 minis. That's fine if there are only 7 of us, but if there are 10, I'd have to abstain. Or I could make 2 cakes - one apple and one carrot - have far more than enough minis to take to Easter dinner, and still have enough to share with our neighbor.

And then there's rum cream pie. This has been a Christmas tradition in our family for as long as I can remember, in no small part because an old family friend (he's known my 50-years-married parents longer than they've known each other!) loves the stuff. As do I. We've also made it for other occasions; it's always popular. Might be a chance to introduce it to a new audience.

I could make rum cream to take to dinner and a cake (or a batch of minis) to share, since the rum cream is a refrigerator pie, not a baked variety. Mix up the cake, slide it in the oven, then make the pie. (I haven't baked since right before TW deployed; I think I'm going thru baking withdrawal.)

Care to weigh in? Feel free to vote. :)


Leta said...

I vote for one apple and one carrot in the charming mini pans and a happy neighbor!

Maureen said...

Care to come help slice apples or grate carrots? You can take a mini home for your pains... ;)