Wednesday, June 08, 2016

"Feed the birds"

Feeding the birds can be fun, though it costs considerably more than "tuppence a bag"!  I put out the thistle seed this spring and we've been delighted to get some bright yellow little birdies as frequent guests.  The squirrels still probably get more of the sunflower seeds than any birds do, though I have noticed more cardinals around than before I put out the sunflower seed.  Can't tell whether the hummingbirds are paying attention to their feeder, but I'll give it another week or two before I give up.

All this is to say that I broke down and made a BIG online purchase of bird feed last week - 30 or 40 lbs. each of sunflower seeds and "finch mix", the latter to replace the crappy, dust-filled mix we'd bought at the military exchange.  (It was cheap; we got what we paid for.)  I also bought a dozen suet blocks, "flavored" with hot pepper to discourage squirrels.

I just finished stocking the "bird buffet" and am about to make a fresh batch of sugar water for the hummers.  Here's hoping we'll get a nice variety of birds partaking of the plenty.  The quality bird food ain't cheap, but it's still a better bargain than paying for cable. ;)

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