Friday, May 30, 2014

Panic resolved - whew!

After being out of town last weekend, tonight I checked back in with the "Arabian Nights" cast.  I was pleased to find that they are now completely self-sufficient with their make-up.  However, one woman arrived in what should have been plenty of time, only to realize that she'd left her make-up kit at home and didn't have time to go back for it.  Panic, with a large side order of swearing at herself!  I offered her the use of a few of my supplies, and there's a drugstore conveniently located right upstairs, so she ran up and bought what she needed to get stage-ready.  When she came to me for a make-up check, I was able to assure her she looked fine.  She later thanked me, twice, for "talking me down off a ledge!"  All part of the service, folks. :)

One of the other cast members relayed that friends of hers came to see the show and commented on how remarkable everyone's eyes looked.  Yes!!  That's exactly what I was going for!  That, and one of the techs commenting on how "fierce" Shahriyar looked in full make-up let me know I accomplished my goal with the make-up design.  The one audience member I chatted with at the opening night reception who commented to me about the hair was surprised to learn that only one woman on stage is not wearing at least a hairpiece if not a full wig.  That tells me that what I put on that stage looks natural.  Striking make-up and natural-looking hair that still balances that make-up - my work here is done!  :D

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