Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My first cowboy boots

My character wears cowboy boots for most of the show.  The ones our costumer found had pretty high heels for someone who lives in flats and very low (1/2") heels.  Last night I wore the boots for rehearsal for the first time, and I plan to wear them for every rehearsal from now on so I can be sure to get used to them.  for those of you who are thinking "So the heels are higher; what's the big deal?" - a higher heel shifts your weight forward, shifts your balance, and changes your posture as your feet, legs, hips & back adjust to a different angle. 

When we ran the fight scene, I found the heels made a difference in my balance when I had to turn, bend, or walk into someone and push.  Not to mention that they made me a good 2"-3" taller than I am in the sneakers I've been wearing to rehearsal, so that I felt like I towered over the other women in the cast.

The boots are perhaps half a size too big, so I'll also have to experiment to see just how thick a sock I need to wear.  The pair I wore last night, the thickest I own, were thick enough that my toes felt a bit squished.

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