Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heading into the busy season

And here we go - my next show has its first read-through on Monday.  My pet charity is having a "do" in a couple of weeks on what would have been a rehearsal night, but the director tells me I'm not called that night.  Now the Chief & I can have a "date" during the week, which will feel like playing hooky. :)

The Chief & I will be home for Thanksgiving for a change and are trying to decide on a menu and guest list.  That weekend is usually when I pull out the Christmas china and put away the everyday stuff, so this means we'll have to decide whether we want to eat our Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas dishes, or not bring those out until dessert, or maybe the next day.  Neither one of us is big on rushing the season, so we might not even bring the dishes up from the basement until that Friday.  Yes, it's time-consuming to "rotate" the dishes, but I'm always glad when we do.  We don't decorate the house beyond a few pieces, so the dishes help put us in the Christmas spirit.

I'm taking off the day before Thanksgiving but have to work the day after so there'll be at least someone in the office.  However, since I'll be glad to have Wednesday off to cook, and the day after Thanksgiving is a great day to work because it's so quiet, I don't really mind.

We may be having a sit-down dinner party sometime in December for those friends & neighbors who already have Thanksgiving plans or just because.  The guest list will be driven in part by how many people our table seats w/ all the leaves in; it's been so long since the one time we used them all, neither of us remembers how many fit around the table.

Also on the December schedule is a trip for H's PhD hooding!  It'll be a very quick trip but will be SOOO worth it!

We also have to decide whether we'll do Christmas cards this year and, if yes, whether we'll do a newsletter.  With a dinner party, rehearsals and a trip for a hooding filling December, the cards may end up going out in, oh, January, if at all.

Oh, and I owe D some hemmed curtains; can't forget those, especially now that they're draped all over my sewing table & chair.

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