Saturday, March 03, 2012

Back in the audition saddle again

Auditioned for a production of Fiddler Tuesday night and a Rodgers & Hammerstein review this morning.

The Fiddler audition was fun. The accompanist was playing random things as people came up to the stage or left it; I got "The Night They Invented Champagne", so I danced across to the accompanist to hand him my music. The reading was fun, too, though I didn't get to read the Yente speech I had practiced. Partly because of that, I didn't fancy my chances of being cast. Four days later I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm taking that as a "no, thanks."

Today I was auditioning at callbacks. This was something of a gamble, as I'd gotten no response to two attempts to see if that would be OK. They let me sing, but didn't give me the callback music. I didn't expect to be cast because this company tends to cast college-age and 20-somethings for their musicals. However, I hadn't auditioned for them in about a year and a half and wanted to remind them how I sound and let them see what I look like now that I've lost weight and cut my hair. The artistic director didn't recognize me at first and must've told me at least 3 times that I looked "awesome!", so even though I was too old for them to cast me this time, they know what I look like these days. ;)

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