Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stalking the wild futon

The Chief & I have been talking for a year or more about replacing the full-size bed in the guest room. We've been dithering because we were remodeling, then paying off the remodel, then trying to decide how we could fit a queen-size bed in that itty-bitty room (about 9'x9'). The other day my sister & brother-in-law e-mailed us that their big family trek is going to happen after all and the 5 of them will be here at the end of this month!

The Chief & I realized we need to replace that bed NOW - my BIL is well over 6' tall - so he started researching beds on line. We quickly realized we could get a queen-size futon for about the price of a good mattress & box spring, so it was off to the store as soon as I got home from work this afternoon. The process wasn't nearly as painful or time-consuming as we'd expected, and the saleswoman told us we'd gotten there just in time, as they were about to raise their prices - tomorrow! That would have added $150-200 to the price, so our timing was fortuitous indeed. Even better was the fact that they give a 15% military discount - we done good!

Our choice is supposed to be delivered late next week, so this weekend's agenda features dismantling the old bed and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

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