Thursday, August 12, 2010

Putting things back or culling the herd

As the Chief has been cleaning up the construction mess, he's also been rearranging things. The books, of course, are getting rearranged because we have those spiffy new built-ins. We've given away 2 of the old, freestanding bookshelves but kept a 3rd. We also had a "double-wide" bookshelf which is now in the guest room, along with the guest bed, 2 nightstands, and wardrobe. We've got someone coming this weekend to take the old desk my computer sat on; now to wipe said computer's hard drive and haul it off for recycling.

We've got big plans for the "library" once the desk is outta there. The Chief moved the kitchen table in there the other day and replaced it with a drop-leaf table from the basement. That way I can leave a sewing project out while I work on it without affecting the kitchen table.

Once the desk and old computer are gone, I can finally set up my keyboard again and hang a mirror nearby so I have a practice area. I've already got my music shelved for easy access (except for the stack of loose stuff I still need to organize), so eventually the library will also function as a studio. The Chief already has his workbench and tools, so I suppose it's my turn now. ;-)

Now to dust and shelve (or cull) a few more books...

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