Friday, August 20, 2010

"And now that you've departed, you leave us broken-hearted."

Feeling a bit maudlin tonight. The Chief & I went to a seminar last night by an attorney whose firm specializes in estate planning. With 3 funerals already this year, that's been on our minds anyway, so when he heard the ad for the seminar, he signed us up. Surprisingly, it was actually quite interesting. We've now got an appointment for the free consultation offered to seminar attendees (the legal equivalent of a loss leader; they're hoping we'll hire them to do the planning work for us) and have started assembling our information, such as the wills we drew up before the Chief's post-9/11 deployment. I e-mailed the appropriate people about making donations to a scholarship at my high school named for my late, lamented French teacher (one of the best teachers I've ever had in any subject) and one at my mom's alma mater which she & Dad established in the name of my late daughter.

Which has me thinking about my biggest losses to date. The Chief tries to make it happy - "your mom's finally getting to meet her granddaughter" - but in a way that makes it worse. I know Mom's death hasn't really, truly registered with me yet, and I don't expect it to until we go out to my family's for Christmas and Mom's not there.

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