Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Producers

Monday and yesterday it was researching into where in our area he might be able to find classes on the tech aspects of theater. (As it happens, our county's community college has a certificate program.) Tonight I came home from work and the Chief was full of questions about what a producer does. I could guess at a few answers, but that of course was woefully inadequate. Fortunately for him, I could refer him to 3 or 4 producers of shows I've been in or companies I've worked with. I'm hoping they'll be able to satisfy his curiosity. He said he was thinking this might be fun (!). I warned him that if that proved true, he'd have people appearing on the doorstep with candy & flowers, trying to convince him to produce for their company.

I'm glad he's getting interested in this; I had felt a bit guilty at how hard he was working on Godspell when that's not something he's ever shown much interest in. And losing sleep over it into the bargain. He works a very early day, getting up at 0440 to get to work around 0600. Not getting to bed until 11 or midnight is hard enough for me (my alarm doesn't go off until 0530); it's an hour worse for him. I don't know how long he'll sustain this interest, but you can bet I'll be encouraging it! That's me - theater habit enabler. :D

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